Always Leaving

by Walter Etc.

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Recorded in May 2016 in Kris's cozy living room in Eugene, OR. Then a little bit more in the Fishbowl basement and from Toast's room in NorCal.

Performed by Walter, Kris, Russell, and Toast
Produced and mixed by Toast and Walter
Mastered by Justin Weis


released January 4, 2017


all rights reserved



Making New Enemies Ventura, California

Art Collective / Utopian Cult / Soul Posse

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Track Name: Um
They found me lost, but not panicked
Floating belly up in a pool of disenchantment
I could only shrug, nothing to tell 'em
The truth is corny and too hollow to sink with
I'm completely opinionless

Darling I'm better now
think things have finally settled down
and something about the weather has me
pleasantly curled up and lonely

So I welcome all the rain as sedatives for me to dull down anything left of the grandiose visions I drag around
Must be the guilt from the privilege I was born
and why my favorite songs don't sound great anymore.
Track Name: Scarred Pinkies
Ah here lies all hope of being normal, all chance of an epic fate
bussing tables in Lake Tahoe, eating scraps off stranger's plates

Ah won't you cure me?
Take me to your bug out location off the grid
I'll tell you how I scarred my pinkies
and we'll await armageddon

Or take a long nap...

Then teach me to write well
and clean my lungs
watch the love of my life sewing dresses on fireflies
go and get me some real drugs to paint my blood
all while the thighs of women have lost their church
and the hands of men are shaking in the search

Prepare for the worst
your melanoma just called, said how 'bout spritzers tomorrow?

Cause all agree we're chomping at the bit
you're little demon girl, she's turned into a saint and she's a lady now
and it's your job to tell her about
all the bliss and decadence
straight to hell, might as well
clock out now and rail that cinnamon

(Cause all agree to some degree
in pig latin or laymen's terms,
the cops knocked someone soon might let them in.
They'll find our strawberry cough, they'll find the secret voice that shepherds towards the droughts in our thoughts until it snows,
listen i know you know this,
i'm losing it)

Remember to clean your lungs,

Ah here lies a crumbled Famous Amos, a sorry birthday cake
forgotten what your name is
pardon me, my mistake
I took a long nap
and woke up a buss boy.
Track Name: Boomer Etc.
Boomer, look at me back living with my parents
making an appearance as a guest in my highschool bed
bored with myself and predictable depression
my same old chord progressions
but my lyrics were better back then

Oh well
my fault
it will only get worse with age
But I will make art
til it kills me

Gotta sneak away for a smoke
old friends seem formal, not stoked
either you lost your sense of humor or they dont get your jokes
they all quit smoking these days
in fact, your the last one
chiefed a lonely little spliff on the front porch

It's a lousy mess of adulthood
looking for a job on craigslist like I should
Got my resume just today as spruced up with lies
cause i dont want to work in retail for the rest of my life, no....

Oh well
my fault
i can always sell lemonade
but i will make art
til it kills me

Boomer your my last good friend
Your too soon old, too short on time
Rest your achy bones in your bed
enjoy your final curtsy of life
Your death will be a real heartbreaker
I assume its only natural I guess
No less a bummer

Keep in good health and keep up with your peers
Gotta reinvent yourself, don't be the redundant adjective
Nobody cares about your travels
so you sound like your bragging about the countries you've been in but
I can recall a day when you knew my middle name and
we mostly felt the same now
that kind of magic can only exist in the
mothballs of memory
and your eyes roll at me like
"go tell it to your family dog"

Cause Boomer your my last good friend
I can tell you can tell I'm leaving again
Just hang in there a few more months
I swear I'll make it worth it for you
A belly rub to end all the pain
now close your eyes, if this is goodbye
just know i love you.
Track Name: Backcountry Therapist
I didn't try my hardest to build a life I'm trapped into
I didn't pour my heart out for a couple of good reviews
I'm ok but, I don't think I can handle this
I know, I'm sorry to leave but your family was nice
I had a talk with your dad, gave me some decent advice
he said you can't go around being so sincere
if you wanna take a stab at this music career
and so me and Esperanza are going to find a way to make sense of this
somewhere less perilous
where our backcountry therapist is

Because your positive vibes are poison arrows sometimes
Your words are lakes that my mind can't swim across
Your love's a generous storm, my tent is flattered but tired
What can I do but zip up, block it out?
To hear the beautiful songs in my head

I could pay for press or go find the little Walden of the 395
Quit playing shows and start showing up randomly
in the driveways of friends of mine
I'm ok but, I don't think you can plan for this
I head you try to explain me in the kitchen last night
I know I'm hard to defend, but it's cute that you tried
I never felt like I had anything to prove
but I don't want to be a source of embarrassment for you
and so me and big Baloo are taking measures to make sure that we make sense of this
some healthy heretics on our backcountry therapist quest

Because it's plausible I'm naturally flawed by design
and thus my escape from all I used to love
It's not happiness that I crave, it's being content with my days
spent completely anonymous and alone
I'd trade the bulk of my life to stay here.
Track Name: Always Leaving
Thought about it all day
been meaning to tell you
it's too late to explain
too soon to make sense of it
all I can offer is this belated goodbye.

Just imagine if you're always coming and going
purposely misplaced and not sure where home is
but always get homesick
in the cradle of night.

See, if your heart had a backdoor I'd sure slip away
Cowardly, but it's my go-to
Seems like every so-long needs some profound thing to say
but honest, there's nothing to tell you...

I hope you enjoy this mess
and what you love leads you to success
and when you think of me now and then
forgive your friend who's always leaving.

Sometimes I think distance is perfect
cause it prolongs our romanticized state in all this
and sometimes I really wanna call you but for some reason shy away
because I know you'd be glad, and that makes me sad.
So I'll show up on some cloudy day and we'll make a million pancakes
and we'll talk like its been no time at all, still young, dumb, impressionable
and you've finished Innocents Abroad
and you set me up with your extra cot
and I keep my stories to a minimum, cause you're sick of them
but I bet you would have loved the highlands of Guatemala,
Eurail Belgium to Spain, backpacking Yosemite
Utila on a full moon dive...
our falling out was no one's but mine.

See, there's this ache in my chest and it won't go away
doctor says I pulled a muscle
But I think it's some residue from what I coundn't
so I carved in the wall of a hostel

I wrote...
I hope you enjoy this mess
and what you love leads you to success
and when you think of me now and then
forgive your friend who's always leaving

And maybe I'm not cut out for all this
maybe I want more than life can give
But i hope you know it pains me to no end
to be your friend
who's always leaving.

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