Cliché Definitions Of Success

by Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra

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Earthling This was a significant moment for me... I rarely ever buy music.
Just love the music and the significant lyrics.
The kazoo, tambourine, and whistling are quite nice.
Keep on being professional oxygen breathers my fellow Earthlings. Favorite track: Oh Charlatan Me.
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Recorded in The Black Lodge, Sept 2010


released September 20, 2010


all rights reserved



Making New Enemies Ventura, California

Art Collective / Utopian Cult / Soul Posse

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Track Name: Otterpops in the Icebox
I just watched the news for fifteen minutes and goddamn am I depressed
and I just spend an hour on fucking facebook until i realized that i couldn't care less
and I keep fighting who we are, we've been, we've become
I can't take it
a sinatra song, and I'm bleeding nostalgia again
and my role says I should sit up and take it
but something tells me i should do my best to fight it
oh fuck.

and i just spent an hour on the 55
cause shelby fucking jacobson was on my mind
try to convince her I'm a simple and happy guy
but i just came off as the nervous and neurotic type
somethings wrong my dear, when I don't know if I'll stand here in one year
and i keep having all these thoughts of nihilism and how truth is only relevant, now i can barely brush my fucking teeth

and I'm from southern california where we say words like gay
and i don't mean to offend its just the way i was raised.
because i'm always being hunted, taking stabs for who i am
and i would say i don't care but I'm losing my friends
and being force fed what to believe in like politics and horoscopes and cliche definitions of succes
They're telling me my times up, a big choice
the four year old in side of me just wants to go out and play
and through all this bullshit i just wish that someone would say

Come a little closer we've got otterpops in the icebox, we've got milk and cookies by the tv to make you feel alright.
Track Name: Oh Charlatan Me
And now I'm noticeably dumber than i was one year ago
And I would like to think its a better thing, but I'd tell myself almost anything these days
Its a little complicated, letting people down is a full time business
My shallow commitments surrounding me, I snapped my cellphone escape
Now somewhere in this town, theres a lynch mob for me

Oh charlatan me, I can't control all these feelings
Its getting hard to stand up straight.

And now there's strangers in the kitchen
I'm dodging people like they're bullets
Cause we're not talking we're just practice our small talk
and i've learned tricks about saving face, I gotta keep you all thinking that I'm loving this place
I don't mean to be crude but I cant talk to you without a cigarette in my hand
Its a crutch to hold me up
Its my shield from all you

Oh charlatan me, I can't control all these feelings
... you must me down, all because of me.
Track Name: Whistle Like Jim
Claire you got some sun today and on my handlebars you look great, I really mean it
Cause no one's got moves like that, and grace like that through all the panic
Will you just sing to me? Cause claire when you sing you sound like a southern girl in sunday dress
I wanna kiss you, I need to calm down, I wanna be a good american boy

I need to concentrate, and get my hands on some ritalin and plan my days constructive and legitiment
and go only places i feel comfortable
My grandpa fought in world war two and here I am afraid to leave my room
But i've seen your sad family and my sad family and all of the faces between
I promised myself long ago I'd never try that, I'm not cut out to be a good american boy

Claire and grandpa, I'm gunna need ya
To get me through this phase
With the heart of california and the second grade
I'm guessing I should waste some time, enjoy the sunshine
so many reasons i shouldn't complain
But i could never put words to the way I'm feeling
Milk and cookies will help me escape, ya thats what I'll do
Track Name: To A Friend On The Floor
Sometimes you can't fight the powers that be
You end up sleeping on your bathroom floor
But with the late april showers and the 4 am breeze
At least you got a place thats dry and warm
You got ahead of yourself and now your taking the toll
I'll sit here indian style and sing you screeching weasel
all complications aside, your just a sick animal
So lay your head where it leads you.

Sometimes I like to think theres a place we all go
Its filled with chocolate milk and chips ahoy
And with a good attitude we'll be kickin' it soon
and taking shots with walt disney
I called my mom today but it wasn't too nice
she said "thanks for the call, now get a grip on your life"
I said I'm trying so hard its just moving so fast
These kinds of things scare me shitless

and all of the while,
I've got a friend on the floor, and i won't leave until he's counting sheep
and in his bed nice and warm
and all the barf is clean.
I promise you'll wake with a smile, cause it happens to me once in a while
I'll sing you songs til you can open your eyes, hold up your head, and tell me your fine.
Track Name: Tally Ho
Tommy guard the house, I'm taking off
Keep the dust out of my room
I'll probably be gone for a while
All these things come crashing down like cannon balls
I got the wits knocked out of me, I gotta make sense of it all
or just keep breathing

I've been taking tons of little pills, to make my heavy head fall off
to make my subconscious shut up, but she says theres decisions that i gotta make
and oh, i keep dreaming of a wide open ceiling where we
pull a peter pan and fly our sorry butts back to our old col-de-sac and

dude, i really miss you, yea dude, i really miss you

So now I'm waiting 'til i run out of oxygen
I'm banking on this 2012 thing to resolve
Cause maybe if we kiss the funny face of apocalypse
Oh it would be so relieving if we all stopped breathing thats all
I'm just a juvenile product of culture, and I'm getting older
I just need to sack up and face it but

dude, i really miss you, yea dude, i really miss you

and all the things that we swore off, well they're happening to us now
I know i cant sit quiet, but i don't know what else to do

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