Every Town Needs a Cowboy

by Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra

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Recorded in the highschool bedrooms of Walter, Kris, and various friends, winter and spring 2009.


released March 10, 2009


all rights reserved



Making New Enemies Ventura, California


Art Collective / Utopian Cult / Soul Posse

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Track Name: Punk With An 'X'
Wide-eyed we sit on newport beach curbs
Waiting for texts of discouraging words
Damn bitch shined all my calls
So you can what if both your life and exist
Or i can pop in my new scrubs dvd
and we can laugh out loud, squirt milk through our noses
and watch every episode of season three.

And salvation lies in stereotypes
There's something about the poor look in your eye
It's telling me that I am the bad guy
Well I've never felt exhaustion so much as right now
and i've always loved the cold air on my bike at midnight
so much that, I might possibly come over tonight
And we'll lie to our parents for the rest of our lives
Tell em we've never smoked and that we'll never get tattoos

Baby justify my life
I'm only counting on the next few seconds
I'm not expecting too much to happen
Tell me a story of a guy just like me
Tell me he thinks with and appetite so small
and tell me he'll be alright, after it all.
Track Name: Sunset Blvd.
I've been working myself up all day
To find the guts to say hello
But I know I'll make messes of all my verb tenses
and lose all my senses to your golden glow
Cause your the only girl I've ever met
who looks lovely with a cigarette
and I'm inhaling the love of this sweaty little club
on the west side of hollywood I'm hoping that we both could let go

And as the music takes control, we're two lonely people
and as a fire burns up inside, come dance with me now
Cause we don't exist outside these walls
we don't have names without these songs
and as the last two people alive
we came to dance.

Cause seven days a week we live in hell
marching left right left to a slave drive song
this is our only chance as far as i can tell
to move like we mean it, to feel like we belong
and we don't have to have our heads screwed on
and we don't have to worry about the future
because the future is, just the next song

and as the last two people alive, oh shelby, we just might survive, if we can forget the world outside and give in to the dance
Track Name: Every Town Needs A Cowboy
Sometimes I'm up, and sometimes I'm dining in hell
But every other night I find myself at taco bell
and fuck you ??? you mess with my head
And if it wasn't for derivatives, I'd never fall asleep

I bullshit my women, I treat them like toys cause
every town needs a cowboy
and its really not funny, to lose all your money
to pathetic parking tickets or a new 20 sack

and oooooooh its only fashion

Now Brittany sits at home by the phone dropping tears saying, "its only fashion"
But I thought someone had told ya, I'm a casanova
Girl you got your shit together so your better than me

So dont, dooooooon't don't lose that passion

So now here I sit, shredded to pieces
I've become who i hated when i was 14
But the world keeps on spinning
The dog keeps on shitting
and I think to myslef, "its so much bigger than me"

ooooooh its only fashion
so dont, dooooon't don't lose that passion. until the day you die.
Track Name: Slither
A hot summer day spent inside watching the tv
The couch totally crying "you don't know what you mean to me"
Drag it out, pay your dues, are you in? gotta choose
Calculate my intentions like a fucking astronaut
And the black dog beside me sweating boredom by the pound
Watch my day spin 360, see me slither to the ground
Trace my head back to it was once last found
Yea, I made some bad decisions but I'll take another round

I'm and ugly mother fucker with a glare in his eye and the evil brews inside of me, right where i wanna be
Dead, crucified in a modern way of life
Turn my guilt into and ornament and hang it on your christmas tree
Off into the night, I slither on like a calico cat in a breeder's dream
Fear of rejection, a common insight, hide away in the corners, take the heat, return to my kind

I accept the fact no one can think for themselve
No one respects themselves, I dont respect myself
Its coming on fast, this is never gunna last, tell me I'm right
Its none of your concern , keep my secrets in my pockets I'm right
Turn of the tide, we slither on with our lives, if the grass is always greener then I'll see you on the other side.
Track Name: Hey Bird
Hey Bird, turn the radio off and come back inside, the beers are all gone
The girls left with summer and we're left here to stay and work out our grudges for the rest of the day
And we'll go back to those nights under living room lights, hanging with friends that we've left behind
For now we'll just sit here, stuck inside, we're feeling dead but your still alive

And we dated in highschool, we thought we were so cool smoking cigarettes and talkin' bout tattoos we would get when we're older when we had the cash, or the guts, to rebel.

Hey Bird, the stereo's blown, we played it too loud now we're going home. Theres nothing to work towards, we've seen it all before, we're just killing time until we say goodbye,
Your dead with denial from living room trials so hoist up the white flag don't live in the clouds. For now we'll just sit here on stand-by, we're glued to concrete but you still can fly.

And we dated in highschool we thought we were so cool sneaking backstage at all of the shows, we never thought we'd get caught, or grow old.
Track Name: Mickey Flynns
Mickey Flinn's drowning in ice cold wine just to cure my hemlock appetite
a little pick-me-up, a diet potion that just might do
They say i gotta screw my head on tight
I gotta find my way to get back in line
I gotta face my fears, I wanna meet your ears more than you

So tell me
Why's it always rain on my parade?
It could be pouring chocolate milk but I'd still feel the same cause
My head feels like its a million pounds but it doesn't seem to slow me down.
My soul's been searching cross the seven seas to find recipes for sweet remedies but
Where a coma when you need it the most?
I want my own little world cause the real one's way too cold.

I gotta clear my head on a bike ride
I gotta get this girl out of my mind
I'm always up and down, I can't explain myself around you
Hanging out with a box of moon pie
Another crummy night for a crummier guy
Reality is not my cup of tea, not my juice.
Track Name: I'm Riding My Bike To Charleston
I've rolled down to the bottom of my col-de-sac
and i've been down here for a while
and I'm never going back
and no maple bar or chocolate milk could ever lift me up
and no donut shop or Elvgren doll could ever cheer me up

Cause I'm all smooth skin, but shakey bones
I'm a fever, I'm a creeper, I'm a broken hearted dreamer and I'm leaving home

Now I'm a grateful guy to be living here in this place but right now, the surf and sand and sunshine seem to be spitting in my face
And I am so cold, the west coast has gotten so cold, and I don't need no metaphors to say i feel like shit.

So they're cutting all your dreams in two
Well its my hand you have to hold on to
Cause paranoia don't belong in people like me and you
Truth be told, I'm only four years old and I'm packing up my things, I'm running from home
I'll ride my bike to Charleston cause the people there are god-awful nice.
Track Name: Save Banning Ranch
Its not easy being honest, Its not easy being nice
and I ain't no psychiatrist, i just give good advice
and its easy to get lost in all these streets with spanish names
and all these house, cold and lifeless, like dead bodies, all the same

and corporate assholes who need more money for nicer vacations are moving in and squeezing us all out
squeezing us all out.

Now I dont like your beige house, and i dont like your sound, and I don't like your culture, and I don't like your town.
And how close to the heavens can we get by building up? Planned communities and office spaces, I'll be throwing up

When our children and grand kids with views of construction and pictures of small blue houses saying, "hey dad, where did it all go?"
where did it all go?
Track Name: Walks On Balboa
Theres something more to you just like a jelly donut
and i've made it my mistake to pull it out
There's something bout you got me low as the titanic
and i've made it my goal now not to drown
oh well, we learned the lesson that today
can't change the fact that tomorrow's on its way

Lately I've been craving someone to hold hands with
someone that I'd walk home and walk her to her door
I kinda wish that she'd be cute just like my pin ups
I kinda wish it was 1954
oh well, we learned, that nothing stays the same
pretty soon we'll both grow up
and you won't even know my name

If the stars in your eyes could just burn through the night then I'd burn with you
If that saxophone voice softly sang like it should then I'd dance with you
And if that girl in your smile just came out once a while then I'd be with you
But if you wanna just talk or take walks on balboa then I'll wait for you to come around.
Track Name: My Pink Bike
I can still taste you in my mouth
Its kinda funny cause I'm not even thinking of you anymore
Desperate, how desperate can you really be?
To tell yourself that I am the same guy that you knew before
But then again, aren't we all so desperate?

I've given up on humans I've given up on life.
I don't like change and i don't like to fight
I'm just trying to keep my head afloat
Economic crisis, ignore a genocide
Terrorists and global warming, we're all gunna die
and I'm just trying to enjoy my sunday off
But we don't have the time or the money to relax

Say one more word and I might cry
Put more on my plate and I might die
Cause i just wasn't made for these times
I'm a little cowboy, cruise the streets on my pink bike

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