Gloom Cruise

by Walter Etc.

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Produced by Jeff Rosenstock
Recorded with Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden
Demo'd in a cottage on the oregon coast
Written in the Fishbowl basement in Portland, OR

Out on vinyl via Lauren Records and Lame-O records
Cassettes via Making New Enemies


released August 25, 2017

All songs by Walter Etc. (Walter, Kris, and Russ) and some keys played by Jeff Rosenstock :)


all rights reserved



Making New Enemies Ventura, California

Art Collective / Utopian Cult / Soul Posse

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Track Name: Gloom Cruise
(gloom cruise, you caught me driving alone,
somewhere on the oregon coast, practically full coma tosed...)

I haven't been excited in a while
no how could I feel young passing through storms like this?
Lived the dream, woke up tired
and lately I have been working on the perfect lulluby
to sing you when you die
but i can't finish the cursed final verse so take your time now

Cause I'm in love with everything and everyone so much that it hurts and
I volunteer as the one to pave the path of least resistance and carry the burden of all the sadness, grief, stress, and malevolence
I will harbor them all because I want you to believe there' magic left in the world
Ya for you I will take the gloom cruise all alone...

But no, despite it all, we'll make it outside as the walls cave in
emerge in the early morning to laugh in the face of the yawning abyss
and O forgotten saint, what I'd give to see that spark back in you
so I will carry your pain and watch from afar
queit and stoic
I'll be there
Track Name: Stumptown Summer Heartthrob
Stumptown summer heartthrob,
what's the combo to your bike lock?
I'll get your iced coffee, you buy me more time to pay my rent
If we can make it in this city
you walking dogs, me babysitting,
then we could break the cycle of all mundane lives and turn our egos in

But I've got a long bad habit of folding
although I have what it takes to stick to something I love
I wish that I could settle for that

Ah, dumb mid-winter scorcher
are these the good times or is it torture?
Always trading our silly projects for lack of sleep and neglecting our best friends
It hit me in colonel summers park
its as simple as my tomato garden
and frankly its so easy its offensive to all philosophy
and so I keep it to myself instead...

But I've got a long track record of folding
although I have what it takes to stick to something I love
I get discouraged then incredibly glum
I chalk it up to living in the wrong times
I know there is an easier way to live comfortably numb
I wish that I could settle for that
Track Name: Dumb Angel
Good heavens this happens to me sometimes
the meaning will pass away soon
so ask me your weirdest questions
I'll reply however you want me to

I guess under compromising circumstances
I'd fall out of love and show you my trail of secret planted confessionals scribbled in bathroom stalls in silver sharpie and one's about you

Good heavens now which god is choking me
see, my time is short, of course, and I can't recall a thing
My mind is gone but my body's holding on
let me slide into zentropy if this all is ok with you

I think I'm ready to come down now
Loop me back to the beginning
Whatever we took I had a heavier dose than you
And there's some kind of spirit in me.
Track Name: April 41st
I was born on April 41st,
hydroplaning down the coast in the back of a hearse.
The birds didn’t sing, they were feeling insecure
so they never got to know me, jealous of my crow's feet.

I grew up a karma spoiled kid
the universe rewarding for what I never did
then again suffice to say, always haunted in a way
taking bean and cheese burrito advice
but so far so good.

You and I, we're ahead of our time
We’ve got no need to explain
Hogtied to infinity’s landmine with low charge and love stains
We’re bound for etcetera tacked to the back ends of our names
I guess I’m excited…

Will I have a nice day? Well, I’ll never know
my odd birthday makes for an awkward horoscope
that controls me, lulls me, bugs then ignores me all night and straight through the morning
til l’m a stale scone.

I’m a stale scone.
Track Name: All Connotations
So you can hear me
Through the vents in the ceiling
Playing god of my creations
crafting all, all connotations

I've got a feeling
we're hurt more than we're healing
but I might possess that ancient patience
that transcends all, all connotations

You're curled up naked crying all night, sadness so beautiful right now
Said you're a burning ship sinking at dusk
I said, "that's what we had planned for us, right?"

Somewhere in the heart of the complication
there's a boy smuggling muses through his basement
writing honest salutations
meant in all, all connotations

And through my head you flow like poems across my irrational after-thoughts, undressed
I appreciate your symmetry, I have never felt Fulfillment like this.
I've written note after note considering all the less than perfect similes to capture mosaic Always
I can't verbalize your gift to me but I'm gunna give it back one day.
Track Name: Petunia You're Home
Born of gentle birth
In the suburbs nothing hurts
You were surely destined to find your place among the greats
but all your easy days made you chronically plagued by indecision
Your bright potential dimmed into a glow,
you drift through life just finding ways to cope
The one thing you’re sure of, you are cured of when your home

O you spoiled dove, what happened to the dreams you’d spoken of?
What happened to your Peace Corps plans or that goofy start-up? The dozen patents in your tattered notebook?
Birthdays pass and still you're lacking all the things you thought would just show up
But while you still have your health
Flew off to find yourself in southeast Asia
A calm quarter-life crisis phase
A philosophic mess of all you’ve known…

You couldn’t wait to be back on your couch alone…
Hey, Petunia you’re home.
Track Name: Lighthouse
Maybe if you call tomorrow I'll pick up and finally be
the long-winded friend you grew up with
and shake off the gloom that's got into me.
I shouldn't have brought it up
because we were well off chasing our youth in circles
don't tell us
if the lows were worth the long days
or if the closure is worth the long wait

Maybe you recall the lighthouse
well, somehow it sunk into me
a sentiment reserved for old age
absolutely gorgeous I'd say
I promise that I'm well, I'm well taken care of
I'm out here alone to tell us
if the lows were worth the long days
or if the closure is worth the long wait
Track Name: Tiger Lily
Died of old age, at home and at ease
Played Louis Armstrong on some ukulele
Where the hell are you from? You say the strangest things.
Have you been told you look like Tiger Lily?

Your warm summer blood
My seashell ashtray
You're bleeding metaphors
While I'm stoned and depressed
Look between your words, you're feeling out a feeling
If we ever get alone, make love to me

My closest friends, still they don't know me at all
I know I'm ill and I need more help than I let on
I need your verbal lobotomy, your hypnotic fibs
sweet matron of my suffering
my moonlight sedative

I'm too much to handle, at least that I know
so when my throes start up again I will know to leave you alone
Until my daylight shines again
Track Name: Winter Shy
I can hear it in my head but I can't play it
it comes out as someone else's song
home alone and comfortable
waiting on my karma to untangle

I can feel it on my tongue but I can't say it
could never memorize a poem
ya, I know, go tell it to the ocean
and live out your dharma on the coast

It's not as easy as you think
a new disguise for every wink
turn demons into diamonds in your spare time
impossibly riding your own wake
grandiose visions fade
and nothing can hurt me
as long as I am winter shy
and alone

Nevermind, lesson learned
Oops I think we found it
I will notify the Lost and Lonely, tell them it's come True
so, spare your thanks and cut n paste collages of Forever
and no, I'm not trying to find myself, I'm just looking for my muse
my muse...

Though I understand the joke I can't explain it
but I'm fine to laugh at it alone
as long as I am winter shy
I'll know...
Track Name: Baby Blue Hammock
Before Alberta was a gentrified mess,
before this whole Armageddon came on
We rode our bikes through the rain to see the Taxpayers play
at some punk house that's long gone.

We swore we'd always make a joke of our lives
follow our folly and enjoy the ride
Here I sit, thinning out in the thick of it
admittedly tired

My dreams distort into dystopian myths
of writing uncrowded waves and pop songs for nihilists
a tiny house for just the two of us
we'll carry on or reach Fulfillment and call it quits
because we're on our own, landlocked in romance
and likely embarking on a slow decline I'm sure
If it all just falls apart
or it all fits into place
either way, I'm not concerned
It's a perfect spiral and I see the light at the end of it's baby blue.

I've got this sinking feeling one of us dies before we say what we needed to say
So I keep our secrets and our Truths slowly folding into little wrinkles of old age
So when the world falls quiet and you go in search of any signs of life
ya, look for my baby blue hammock swinging over the dead of winter at Short Sands because we're
on our own land locked in romance
politely out to make a hell of a time I'm sure...

If it all just falls apart
or it all fits into place
if it all just turns to shit
commence my psychologic defense
keep reminding myself
if it all just falls apart
or it all fits into place
either way I'm not concerned
I'm just along for the ride and I'm trying my best not to fail you.

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