Group Picture Vol. 5

by Making New Enemies

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Intro 01:32
Sound collage by MILK FLUD
A little ode to living at home and confiding in my family’s old dog, Boomer. I guess it’s only appropriate that I was sick (and felt like dying) while I sang about my sick and dying dog. RIP Boomer, much love to all my friends and family, and thanks for caring, everybody! I really appreciate you all. I’m pretty sure 2016 with either be the beginning or end to my music career. Boomer, look at me back living with my parents making an appearance as a guest in my highschool bed bored with myself and predictable depression my same old chord progressions but my lyrics were better back then Oh well my fault it will only get worse with age But I will make art til it kills me Gotta sneak away for a smoke old friends seem formal, not stoked either you lost your sense of humor or they dont get your jokes they all quit smoking these days in fact, your the last one chiefed a lonely little spliff on the front porch It's a lousy mess of adulthood looking for a job on craigslist like I should Got my resume just today as spruced up with lies cause i dont want to work in retail for the rest of my life, no.... Oh well my fault i can always sell lemonade but i will make art til it kills me Boomer your my last good friend Your too soon old, too short on time Rest your achy bones in your bed enjoy your final curtsy of life Your death will be a real heartbreaker I assume its only natural I guess No less a bummer Keep in good health and keep up with your peers Gotta reinvent yourself, don't be the redundant adjective Nobody cares about your travels so you sound like your bragging about the countries you've been in but I can recall a day when you knew my middle name and we mostly felt the same now that kind of magic can only exist in the mothballs of memory and your eyes roll at me like "go tell it to your family dog" Cause Boomer your my last good friend I can tell you can tell I'm leaving again Just hang in there a few more months I swear I'll make it worth it for you A belly rub to end all the pain now close your eyes, if this is goodbye just know i love you.
This track is a little taste of Weston Bookhouse’s new EP coming out next month, which is by far my favorite release by the two-piece alt-folk superstars. Unique and intricate drumming, luscious acoustic finger picking, and strong sophisticated lyrics, Weston Bookhouse packs a punch of millennial honestly that is unrivaled by most their peers. They have refined their style and gained some confidence in the past year, and I am very stoked for the world to hear their new EP next month.
Ali Muhareb is not only the chillest guy in Portland and one of the newest MNE artists, but a champion of a producer, songwriter, and lyricist. His upcoming EP Existentially Wasted is a worldly psychedelic pop masterpiece, sure, but it is also only the tip of the iceberg of Ali’s art. On the outside he seems like a genuine nice and fun guy, but it doesn't take long till you suspect on the inside he is a very eccentric, passionate, and highly intelligent man with a lot of beauty to offer the world. I look forward to getting to know him more next year, not just as a friend, but as an artist.
The fierce drummer of Winter Break and the infamous yet unassuming founder/owner of Lauren Records, Aaron Kovacs has always had a solo musical project that he has kept quiet. Now, I hope, he is finally starting to come out of his shell and show the scene (and the world) the magical, bite sized, catchy lo-fi pop punk slop songs that this quiet hero has been storing up for so long. A true legend in my mind, I am happy to have worked alongside him for all these years and counting.
Jake Ewald (of Modern Baseball) ’s solo/side project, Slaughter Beach Dog is a lovely exploration of Jake’s songwriting unimpeded by the Modern Baseball mantra. Jake is a fascinating songwriter with a developed personal aesthetic and impressive technical skills, which, complimented with a warm and sincere personality, it’s no wonder this dude has had the success he’s had. It’s rumored that he found a piano on the side of the road while walking home one night, and he took out his cell phone and recorded this song right there in the street.
Seattle’s "slaves to the riff”, these guys know no boundaries of rock. I was told this song is an ode to their drummer when he rejoined the band, proving that Ubu Roi is not just a collection of individual virtuosos, but a loyal band of brothers shredding onward into the distorted night. If you haven't seen Ubu Roi live, please don’t, as it will only make you wish you spent more time practicing your instrument. Look out for their new album in 2016!
This game changing duo of producer Milk Flud and vocalist/lyricist Dakota Loesch (of Animal City) is somewhat of an all-star team warming up for their big game. Of course you've got Milk's stony jazzy beats which never cease to sedate, and with Dakota's always fascinating lyrics and unexplainable creative genius, this collaboration just might be the greatest thing in 2016, just as long as these two can set aside their individual insanities long enough to finish an album together.
The rare gem of Milk Flud and I’s collaborative project, Little Cousin is IMHO the greatest MNE artist. Lo-fi pop, a little hip hop, and some experimentation on the beats, Little Cousin has so much potential at its finger tips. I really hope Milk and I can carve out some time in our busy lives to make a LC record together, not just to hear the sick songs that would come out of it, but to create yet another chapter in the saga of our friendship.
A couple weeks ago Sour Guy told me he couldn't hang out because he had a tooth ache, and a couple days later he sent me a demo of this song. Damn Sour Guillermo!!! Talk about taking the bad and turning it into something good! Not only is it a fun catchy song but his composing and instrumentation is an impressive push forward in our self-proclaimed “slop” genre. This song will instantly warm your heart and likewise make you grateful you don't have a tooth ache. it's my upper right molar this filling’s not the same it screams when it’s barely cold each bite brings tons of pain somewhere out there there there has got to be some way to escape take me back to my life before this toothache last night I dreamt of a world so simple and pain-free dancing around, swaying my head, eating mango ice cream then holy shit I’m sitting upright in bed swearing a blue streak I tried to calm it down with my tongue, but it gives me no mercy hello, you’ve reach simply dental please tell me that we can get to the root of the problem cement it off murder that nerve set me free from all this hurt sure thing, thats called a root canal oh I can’t wait for Tuesday at after three sipping on slurpees in the sunshine you’ll find me sipping on slurpees in the sunshine
Chicago based genre-defying legends, I will always hold Animal City up on a pedestal. Their body of work- be it albums or films or creative projects I can’t even define- is immense and always characterized by a specific Animal City wit and charm. If I have learned anything from these unknowing mentors it is this: you can make something and wait to hear what people say and think about it, or you can just keep creating, creating, creating regardless of who is paying attention or what they are saying, and in the end you will end up a proficient master of your craft, and rather pleased with yourself.
And still the world wonders… Who is Humphrey Orlando? I prefer listening to his songs as a sort of mediation practice, in the shower or as I am going to sleep, because I find it is so easy to get lost in his gruff narratives and endless acoustic strolls. Wander around in Humphrey Orlando’s mystery with me...
Southern California’s emerging lo-fi sweet hearts, Surf Hypnosis join the Group Picture lexicon with this scrappy little love song. Led by Andy Gibson, a multi-talented artist who also makes an appearance in the GP5 zine, I can only foresee exciting things in the future for this band, and can’t wait to hear what else is going on in that funky little brain of his.
Last year Benny wrote a song about Kyle B Hart’s “Mustache that Cured World Hunger” and this year he has done it again, transforming Kyle’s new book “The Beard That Boosted Self Confidence” into a pop punk groover that, although it seems like a joke, is actually a killer song with a great message.
The perfect combo of Sam Evan's pleasant song writing and vocals mixed with Toast’s masterful production and instrumentation makes for a musical yin and yang. I consider them to be a staple of the slop genre. Their songs are always sincere, witty, and musically intriguing, and this year's track is another shining gem on their crown.
Yes, he is a chill handsome dude in San Francisco with an angel voice, but Alex Maddox is much more than that. Ever since we were writing songs together as kids, Alex has amazed me with how effortlessly he constructs gorgeous melodies and harmonies and how naturally his guitar playing and rhythm comes to him. His last album was an easy one to throw on in any company, and I look forward to seeing how his song writing evolves in the future.
What can I say about Milk Flud that hasn’t already been said by me? He’s the millennial John Lennon. He’s the Spartan of Chill. He’s the quintessential artist with so many creative passions and genius ideas that could revolutionize the culture industry if only he could slow his mind down (or speed it up?) for two seconds. I don't like to think of this track so much as a song, but rather an artful sound collage with spoken word / poetry put to it. Can’t wait to see what’s next in his music and his recent film kick in 2016. Milk, brother, cheers to you and 5 years of Group Picture!


Also available in the MNE store is the Group Picture 5 Zine; 40 pages / full color of all original work from the MNE crew: www dot makingnewenemies dot com --> store


released December 25, 2015

Cover art by Kate Sandstrom
Album curated by Milk Flud with help from Walter
Zine curated by Walter with help from Milk Flud


all rights reserved



Making New Enemies Ventura, California

Art Collective / Utopian Cult / Soul Posse

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