Psalms from Rainy Day Land

by Daydream Dystopia

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Recorded in Kokomo in winter/spring 2013

Laminated Walter - vocals
Patch Corduroy - words
Soapbox - guitars
Bassboy393 - bass
Wally Hemingway - drums
Milk - coach, odds and ends
Franco Tisdale - audio engineering

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released May 17, 2013


all rights reserved



Making New Enemies Ventura, California

Art Collective / Utopian Cult / Soul Posse

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Track Name: Dittos
You and I are dittos
Pilgrims in old age
Angels bored in heaven
Sloppy in our earthly phase
Friendly with a couple of ghosts
Flawless 'til our shoes untie, hair unfolds
There are no bad kinds of lemons
When we picnic in our house on fire
Get cozy in the Great Unknown
I know I speak in tongues sometimes, but at worst it will cause a shift in your brittle paradigm.
Track Name: Mermaid Slave Trade
She makes a fortune off the mermaid slave trade.
I try to play, but she already hates me,
loyal under ultra violet eyes.
She hears a love song as oil rigs explode.
Dry blood of dolphins, how else would she paint her toes?
It isn't romance unless you barely survive.

O lamia, matriarchs of our darkest will
Crack our bones so we know the content you feel
Tie our dead weight hanging from the mast of your wrath
Where it goes, no one knows, I suppose you will.
Track Name: The Plagiartist
Somewhere beneath the sleepy eye of the storm
Somewhere in the cracks of the crooked rain
There is a reason I'm recycling souls,
Restitching lullabies to fully explain
I am the plagiarist of whom you've been warned
Caught in the pirate's dilemma,
I will rape your distinction of right verses wrong
'So why you complaining?'

If this is the sum of all that I understand
Each moment's the fruit of all that has come before
Then this is my attempt to tell you how I've been
The gist of it is, I think I'm ready to die now
I'm ready to float on
We live with the divine now,
Decadent fools we are sadly the spoiled inheritors of the Golden Age
'So why you complaining?'
Track Name: Plastic Tombs
Maybe we're sposed to be martyrs, sealed tight in plastic tombs, to never decompose
Or maybe we're sposed to be collapsing lungs darling, tar in the sand by the ocean where acidic stomachs burn, the moon smiling in confusion, at midnight break camp and sail home.

Misplace our homes, butter bread for blind old men, lay down, nap on the shores of open wounds, strip and jump in.

Maybe we're meant to be loveless, can't sink above this, can't climb beneath our sunrise.
Or maybe we've tragically fallen neck deep in contradiction, to never know what's right.
Track Name: A Lull in the Cosmos
Your's in my throat
Mine's in your eye
Hurts when I swallow
Burns when you cry.

Prolonged goodbyes
Exhausting our roles on a mess of a stage
You asked "how long can it rain?" and I laughed in your face
Cause it pours every night, but I'll love you in phases

Til Death makes a mark on your door, handprints of blood smother my name
Your only dream keep repeating for months
You can't explain.

It's about time to make peace, then make tea, then make holy
In comfortable space where we lay around all day
But instead I was born to flawlessly fail you
Wander alone, stubbornly causing a
Lull in the cosmos
An ache through the holidays
A crack in the snowglobe, spilling everything.

Til Death makes his knock on my door, says with a shrug "gather your things."
My only dream keeps competing with yours,
I can explain.
Track Name: Occasional Whale
A generation evolved to already 'get it'
The chronic gridlock is solved, they're boarding up heaven.
I lead her on, to eat her later on.
We'll stick to solar advice, fulfill taboos on the moon
And then we can smother our allies in forbidden juices
I lead her on, to meet her later on.

Then daylight told me I should start using simpler words, to start seeing simpler things, to start getting my second's worth.
Like bitter birds, I don't mean to wake you
Wherever you go, I'll linger
Like on your across the world sail, I'll be your occasional whale
I'll be your occasional whale
I'll be your occasional whale.
Track Name: Kale
I'm one of those flakey disciples, struggle to say this, but mine is contagious, and I can't shake finding sex in your cursive, it's totally worth it, the bridges we burn to survive.

Lower your voice, I don't even know you, froze up in my bedroom, I thought I'd impress you with my poor taste, asleep with your socks on, wake up with your jeans on, my kisses are hard to come by.

Like I don't wanna give you what I have...
I kinda wanna give you what I have....

Then she went through my folders so I told her of all my muses and how they wept 'til all thats left's the malcontent, she smiles and says "my love you make no sense."
Track Name: Fever Dreams
No, I don't think I can hold on for long
In a fever dream I saw the flaws in this all
It's why I'm prone to self perpetuate the horrors of my darkest lowest state
A remedy of malcontent tastes better than you know.

Through my worst days, through my chronic chest pains
I will work to build you something to come home to
Another one of those mistakes I made by joking too long when your not aware our gods faked everything, you know.

We'll lay low in gardens
Make your oath and guard it.
Track Name: Psalms From Rainy Day Land
White noise and friendly machines
I'm always half asleep
Thats why I'm so cozy
With my 8 month silver blanket, underneath naked
Dancing with the Sirens of the Cascades
Nymphs of the Oregon coast.

This is the prose of a powerless god
The piss of a dolphin
The visionless prophet
The psalms out of Rainy Day Land

I'm alive when I say to you, "darling, our dreams have come true, so what do we do now? where do we hide out? Heaven feels nothing like home."

Thats when she paints her mind, bends and hurls, bursts her seams,
yells and screams, "tell me it fully!"

How long must we fiddle? How low can we scrape?
I've justified little exploring the caverns I'm drawn to.
And if things don't get better, seasons never change,
go to my bedroom and shower my taboos upon you.
Cause I know these things aren't definitive,
Maybe its best to make peace through oblivious narratives.
Though my words won't translate well,
I've summed it up in a singular moment
With flames in your hair, waist deep in water
I finally finished my thoughts
I'm kinda tired.

In sandcastles we lay patiently drowning
The worry rock crumbles to dust in perfect spirals.
Track Name: Floaters
We could be floaters, darling. Untied and undefined. Have warm weather always just down the road. Spoon in Sri Lanka, or gentrify Atlantis. With our dumb luck a sure thing, why would we hesitate?

'Course there'll be times when I must sit alone and write it down. I'll explain it someday real well. The riddles of my prose I long to tell you, the remnants of a muse upon your face. Wherever you go, or wherever you stay.

And through the fallout we will crawl off in our own ways. The grand demise of all, so trivial, loiters in our wake, in pretty patterns of decay, ashes falling into place...this is the love which we all will fall in.

The storms came on their own
The puddles left with time
The malcontent remains.
I'm not blowing smoke when I say, darling, the struggle's gone, judging by the force which we all will fall in. I wrote a batch of psalms to say that I'm dependent on something that ensures that we all will fall in.
All will fall in.
All will fall in.
I will fall in.
I will fall in.

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